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 Hello from Twinkle Belle Sdn. Bhd.

Belle has participated in radio interviews on the BBC, has been a guest speaker at many Barbie events, a writer for various Barbie publications such as Barbie Bazaar Magazine, and has been  a guest in several films.  She most also appeared in the Sundance Award winning film “The Tribe” and is scheduled on The Today Show March 9th to kick off Barbie’s 50th Birthday.   “Barbie Collecting is my first love, my second is, working out, boxing or jet skiing.”  Belle is very active in the community and  served as a commissioner on the Union City Human Relations Commission.  She was awarded the Community Spirit Award in April 2002 from Union City and  was awarded Mattel’s First Ever Dealer of the Year Award (2004).  In 2006, Belle was honored as Union City’s Citizen of the Year and also received “Barbie’s Best Friend” award at the 2006 National Barbie Convention.

Our internet catalog features a wide spectrum of  vintage Barbie & Family dolls and thousands of outfits and accessories.  We also feature two auctions annually, showcasing some of the rarest items in Barbie.  The auction is proud to hold a world’s record for the highest price paid for a single doll, which was over $27,000.

Twinkle Belle Sdn. Bhd. makes a strong commitment to  customers to bring them the finest in Barbie.  Customer satisfaction is our main concern.  We pride ourselves in making sure that you are satisfied with every purchase you make.  We are also committed to bringing you the best value, and constantly strive to have the lowest prices around.  Every order is carefully packed to ensure you get the highest quality of service. 

Over twenty years of collecting experience makes Twinkle Belle Sdn. Bhd. the best service provider of the finest in Barbie collecting.  We carry a wide assortment of vintage dolls, clothing, accessories, and the current line of Barbie Collectible dolls.  

Twinkle Belle invites you to experience Barbie shopping at its finest.  We hope you enjoy our website. Make sure to bookmark it or ad it to your “Favorites” list before you leave as we am always updating the site!

our store!
our store!

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