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PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO REVIEW OUR STORE POLICIES TO AVOID ANY MISUNDERSTANDINGS. WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DISAGREEMENTS RESULTING FROM A FAILURE TO READ THE STORE POLICIES! Thank you for understanding; these policies protect us and help you get the lowest prices and best service possible.  Due to high instances of credit card fraud we do NOT ship to certain international locations. Please contact us before ordering if you haven’t ordered from us internationally before. Thank you!

If you leave a message with us, we will not return your call if the item is out of stock. If you don’t hear from us within 48 hours, you can safely assume that the item you asked for is out of stock. We love our customers, and would like nothing more than to speak to each and every one of you, but because we are very limited on staff, this is simply not possible due to time constraints. Thank you for understanding.


We use the highest level of SSL (Secure Socket Layering) which provides 128 bit encryption to protect your information while you’re shopping on our site. Your information will never be shared or sold.

We have implemented a new Customer Registration system that stores your name, address, and payment information so that you do not have to enter it more than once, and you can keep track of your orders. This feature is optional; however, it is highly recommended, as it saves you the time and effort of reentering your information repeatedly. Also, as a registered customer, you are eligible to receive special coupon codes and other promotions only available to our registered customers!

We accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  International Customers may use credit cards,  International Money Orders, or Cashiers Checks (in US funds).  Please make your check/money order payable to SANDI HOLDER’S DOLL ATTIC. Personal checks ARE accepted and WILL NOT delay your order as all checks are verified through Tele-Check. Phone orders with Check or Money Order will be held for one week only while we wait for payment to arrive; after this period, your order will be released and made available to another customer. Please, Call Us if you encounter a problem  — We are very understanding. PLEASE, DO NOT SEND CASH!

If we cannot process your order due to the credit card on file not accepting the charge, we will make three attempts to put it through and one attempt to contact you via email or telephone.  If we cannot process your order, the order will be cancelled and the item made available to another customer.  Please keep in mind, some of the dolls are very limited and we cannot be held responsible if an item is sold out and your order not filled because of an invalid or over-limit credit card.


To use our Secure Online Shopping Cart, click on the “BUY” button that is next to the item you wish to order. You will be taken to the order summary page, where you can change your quantities, check out, or continue shopping. To return to the order summary page at any time, simply click on ANY “VIEW CART” button on the order page To check out, return to the order summary page and click “Check Out”.  It’s That Simple!


VINTAGE BARBIE DOLL ITEMS  – There will be a 10% restocking fee if an item is being returned for any other reason other than it not being as described. If you are returning an item, please call the DAY THE PACKAGE ARRIVES for return authorization approval. Any returns received without prior authorization will be REFUSED. A return privilege will be gladly honored provided the item is immediately returned and received back in our offices within SEVEN days of you receiving the package.  There are no returns on NRFB items, layaway orders, or sale items.  Postage is not refundable in any case, unless we are correcting an error we have made. Please make your selections carefully! Vintage items are often one-of-a-kind, and may have slight variations.

COLLECTIBLE BARBIE DOLLS – We do strive to send you perfect boxes, but we cannot guarantee they will arrive to you the same way.  We cannot accept returns because of a dent in a box.   If there is severe damage please notify us immediately and we will advise you how to proceed.  OTHERWISE, THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON COLLECTIBLE DOLLS, unless we are correcting an error on our part!

APPAREL – We understand that size in clothing varies depending on the company that makes them, but apparel is non-returnable under any circumstances unless we are correcting an error that we have made. We do provide descriptions of our sizes for certain items if we believe that it is necessary (for example, our jackets). If we have sent you the wrong item, then it is returnable, but if the item seems to be too large or too small, we cannot accept the return! All of our apparel is one of a kind now and it is very difficult to find our apparel items anywhere else!


We do not require a deposit on our pre-orders!  Your word to honor your preorder is sufficient.   Your credit card will not be charged until item(s) ship.  However, please be aware that PRE-ORDERS CANNOT BE CANCELED ONCE PLACED! CANCELING A PRE-ORDER COULD INCUR YOU A $20 CANCELLATION FEE, ON AN CASE BY CASE BASIS!   Canceling your pre-order leaves us with overstocked product making our costs higher, and as we try to offer the lowest possible prices, cancellations add to our costs. Our goal is to keep our price to you the lowest it can be.  We have no control over when Mattel ships product and cannot be held responsible if Mattel shorts our shipment. 

PRICES ON PRE-ORDER ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE BEFORE RELEASE DATE. Preorders will be shipped on a first come, first served basis; because we receive product in separate shipments, your order may be slightly delayed if your pre-order was received near the end of the pre-order cycle.  If you wish to pre-order, and want to pay by check or money order,  full payment must be received on preorders and you are not guaranteed the item until payment is received.


We have a flat UPS shipping fee of $12-$13, which is an estimated cost. The shipping cost can vary depending on the size and weight of box and it’s destination.  Silkstone dolls are much heavier than standard dolls, and shipping cost will reflect this. 

When you are preordering several dolls, more than likely, they WILL NOT be sent all together because they arrive in stock at different times. You will be charged for each shipment sent.  We try our best to combine dolls to save customers shipping costs (we understand your position, we are collectors ourselves), but we simply cannot guarantee that we will be able to combine your orders! Due to the volume of orders, you will not be contacted directly prior to order processing. However, we will email you a UPS tracking number if your order was shipped via UPS, so please be sure to always supply us with any updated information.

If you want faster service, just let us know, and we will accommodate you.  Extra charges will apply for large size boxes, overnight, 2nd day or 3 day UPS.  Shipping charges are based on our cost when the item is packaged and weighed, insurance included. Please remember shipping is expensive no matter the shipping method, and to ensure your items arrive in the best condition possible, we must use the right materials and techniques. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you call and have your package redirected while in transit or after receiving a delivery attempt notice, UPS CHARGES US for this. We will charge you accordingly. If you need something redirected, please call us.


All shipments to APO Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto go via Priority Mail OR UPS Extended Ground, and additional charges will apply. The average shipping charge for a package going to these destinations is approximately $20-$25.

International orders, outside of US orders will be sent US Airmail, EMS (Express Mail Service), or Global Priority Mail.  A $6.95 handling fee will be charged in addition to postage, due to the fact that we do not have an international mail pickup at our warehouse, and must hand deliver international packages to our postal depot.  The shopping cart shipping is an estimate for US packages, not for overseas! 

CUSTOMS DECLARATION: Please note that the TRUE declared value MUST be listed on your package!  Please do NOT ask us to declare merchandise as a gift.  We can appreciate the expense of taxes, but please do not ask us to be dishonest and prepare false documents.  If other dealers do this for you, that is their business, we do not.   There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this.  We are not trying to sound rude or unappreciative of your business but this comes up often and we are firm on our policy. 

Keep in mind that your shipping rate rates will vary with the weight of the box and size of the box. 

Example International Shipping Options:
Express Mail Service (EMS): Time in Transit 3 – 5 Days
Global Priority Mail – Time in Transit 6-10 Days
Airmail Parcel Post/Letter Post – Time in Transit 7 – 21 Days


California residents will automatically be charged sales tax. If we do not have a signed resale card on file for you, tax must be charged until the card is signed and completed. No exceptions. The rate is based on the tax rate of our county, Alameda County, and is currently at 9.75%.


We gladly accept layaways on sales of $250 or more. Terms are: HALF down due immediately, and the remaining  balance due within 30 days. NOTE: If payments are not received by the time agreed, your order is restocked and deposit forfeited. Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS! We do not make reminder calls, so please keep track of your layaways and when payments are due.


P – Pristine       M – Mint        NM – Near Mint        EC – Excellent Condition

VGC – Very Good Condition       GC – Good Condition
AC – Almost Complete
NRFB – Never Removed From Box      MIB – Mint in Box       
B/K – Bendable Knee  S/L – Straight Leg        B/M – Barbie Midge

S/S – Swimsuit              RT – Retied or Retouched         PT – Ponytail 


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